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Amastan (Moss)

UKC Number D146-366

FCI Number: RI.H22.007

Owned by Megan Churry

Co-owned by In Stride Azawakh

LGRA pointed

Adult Height: 25"

Adult Weight: 42lbs

Birthdate: February 19, 2022

Color: Agouti, white markings

Sports: Starting scent work foundation and racing practice

Potential Health Concerns:

  • Androgen triggered cystinuria (untestable) in lines.  Preventatively kept on a low protein, low purine, high liquid diet

  • Late testicle descension

Allergies: No known

Amastan (Moss) is the son of the Country of Origin (COO) import Terdalai and the F1 sire: Renoir de Garde Epee.  The litter was not planned as usually an African import would not be paired with a stud that has a desert bred parent as it lowers the predictability in what a litter will produce.  Additionally, the sire was young at the time.  However, it is shaping up to be a truly lovely litter and the lineage is unique and will be a valuable contribution to the US genepool.  Amastan is registered with the FCI and thus will be UKC registration eligible.

We raised Amastan for about a month and a half as a puppy, until he went to his co-owner Megan Churry.  Moss is in training for invasive species detection/conservation and we so look forward to seeing how he matures.  He was the easiest puppy we've ever had the pleasure of raising.

Moss is cystinuria types 1-3 clear, Embark normal, and will have his thyroid, eyes, and heart tested before being bred.

CA Xanadu Farms Amastan

Photo Pedigree

Amastan Photo Pedigree.jpg
Anubi: Team
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