Argos' Long Odyssey CGC TKA

Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua

Argos was Kayley's first dog as an adult.  She lucked out with him because he's always been an easy keeper and will do anything for food or a ball.  Though he's not interested in competing, he learns new things quick and makes the best demo dog for the other dogs in the household. He now lives with my sister as her Emotional Support Animal.

BIF Ashen Moonlight SC BCAT CA TKN JSR

Smooth Saluki

2020 #7 ASFA Saluki

ASFA, AKC LC, LGRA pointed

Ash's favorite thing in the entire world is running.  He was the biggest challenge to teach a reliable recall and thus the reason Kayley sought out azawakh. He's a challenge but a wonderful puppy raiser and has turned into a fun and increasingly talented coursing dog.


Corey Polis

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