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AKC Number: HP69052502

UKC Number: P928-362

UKC competition pointed

Predicted Adult Height: 29"

Predicted Adult Weight: 50lbs

Birthdate: October 10, 2023

Color: Clear red sable, black mask

Show and sports prospect

Potential Health Concerns:

  • Kidney issues in lines

  • Elbow dysplasia in lines

Allergies: None

Ljosta is living in the Midwest, where actually quite a few In Stride puppies reside.  He was very moderate as a puppy - very playful and cuddly, but with a nice off switch and good manners, despite being substantially larger than his siblings.

Ljosta was 19oz at birth, noticeably the largest puppy we've ever had, larger even than his singelton half-sister Birdie at birth.

UBIS MBPIS In Stride's Enchantment Passing Thru

Amidi: Team
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