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FCI Number: Pending

UKC Number Pending

Owned by Alison Tyler (Xanadu Farms)

Leased by In Stride Azawakh

Height: 24"

Weight: 38lbs

Birthdate: December 2018

Color: Cream (recessive red)

Sports: None presently

Potential Health Concerns:

  • None currently

Allergies: No known

"Sakila and her sister were found in a hole on the 2019 trip in an area where previously we have found a lot of Azawakh. However in 2019 there weren't any there because Nigerians had recently crossed the border in the night and taken most of the dogs for food.


However, the people in the village know us and told us to go over to the hole because some Toureg nomads had been camping there and had a bitch with puppies. They had left the night before and taken the bitch and one puppy. So Sakila and her sister were there in the hole, hungry, We took both puppies, [one went to Hungary and Sakila went to me]." - Alison Tyler

I first met Sakila in 2021 when I was visiting Xanadu Farms.  While the imports have always been appealing to me, Sakila is one of my absolute favorites.  Her movement is economical, she can be very sweet with those she likes, and as a bonus, her color is striking.

Alison didn't have any concrete plans to breed Sakila immediately, so I asked if I could lease her and breed a litter. She graciously agreed.

Sakila will have her thyroid tested before being bred and her heart and eyes as soon as an appointment is able to be made.

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