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Sighthounds of the Sahel: Azawakh

The history of Azawakh goes back thousands of years in the Sahel region of western Africa.  They have lived with the Tuareg nomads, as well as other tribes such as the Bela, Hausa, and Peulah tribes, serving as guardians for the tribes' goats and cattle as well as hunting game. The breed is naturally very slim due to living in near desert temperatures and their life of walking long miles and running down game.  The breed standard calls for 3-5 ribs being visible.

Due to the Azawakh's use as a guardian in their countries of origin their temperament is often more reserved and even standoffish compared to other sighthound breeds.  However, this trait also lends itself to the creation of a deep loyalty and bond between dog and owner.  This handler focus creates wonderful performance dogs when properly exposed to the busy modern world from puppyhood. 

This is not a breed to be kept as a trophy at home, as beautiful as they are.  Azawakh kept in the house without regular contact with the world at large often develop neurotic and sometimes aggressive tendencies, none of which should be present in well-bred, well-socialized dogs.  One of our biggest goals in our breeding dogs is to produce stable yet discerning individuals.

If you are interested in further information about Azawakh please contact us for further links and material.

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