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AKC Number: HP56850503

UKC Number: P928-362

FCI Number: FCPR RI.H23.022

AKC, AKC LC, NOTRA pointed, UKC GRCH pointed

2022 #1 NAFA & UKC LC, #2 NOTRA, #3 LGRA, #5 ASFA Azawakh

2021 #1 ASFA, UKC LC Azawakh

2021 #2 LGRA Azawakh, AKC LC Azawakh

2020 #1 AKC LC Azawakh

2020 #2 LGRA & NACA Azawakh

2020 #3 ASFA & UKC Azawakh

2019 #2 AKC LC Azawakh

First Azawakh to earn ACT1, VHMA, and debut in NOTRA

First Azawakh to debut in flyball

Meet Amidi


Height: 26.5"

Weight: 38lbs

Birthdate: November 1, 2018

Color: Red with White Markings

Sports: Agility (AKC and NADAC), Disc, Dock Diving, Conformation (AKC and UKC), Flyball, Joring, Lure Coursing (ASFA), Open Field Coursing (NACA and NOFCA), Rally Obedience, Scentwork, Straight Racing (LGRA), Tracking

Favorite Sport: Flyball

Least Favorite Sport: She loves everything!

Potential Health Concerns:

  • Spinal issues (similar to Wobbler's) in paternal line

  • Ruptured disc at 5 years old after a collision with housemate


  • Severe allergy to poison oak/ivy

Amidi was the second Azawakh to join In Stride.  She came from Norma Spivey in Tennessee, one of the early Azawakh breeders in the United States. She was the puppy that just kept coming back to Kayley when she was picking, and so they went home together. As wiggly as Anubi is serious, this girl has wormed her way into a lot of different people's hearts.  She loves and thrives in trial and tournament environments and provides a lovely contrast to her Azawakh housemates and best buddies.

Amidi is open and outgoing with most people, but guarded when strangers visit the house.  She tends to charm people and enjoy it.  She is dog tolerant - she regularly coexists peaceably with a number of intact boarding dogs, but she does not care for pushy dogs that get right up in her face and she will snark at them.  Amidi's love of sports is why Kayley got her and she's very much lived up to her promise as a puppy.  Whether it's coursing or tracking she will always be enthusiastic and give her all.

Amidi is Hips Excellent, Cardiac, Elbows, Eye, and Thyroid Normal

BBIS BIF  UCH AmCH Kel Simoon Shani



Photo Pedigree

Amidi Photo Pedigree.jpg
Amidi: Team
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