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Amastan Amalu Litter Ad.jpg
Amastan x Amalu

Fall 2024

In 2024 we plan to breed Amastan (Xanadu Farms Amastan) to Amalu (Ahimana Amalu).  This litter will be eligible to do UKC and IABCA conformation and all performance venues.  I expect level headed, calm puppies with an excellent work ethic from this pairing.  

Amastan x Amalu Pedigree

There are potential spots open on this interest list.

AKC Showable Stud x Nina

Early 2026

I have debated studs heavily for this pairing. I have a preferred stud and a couple back ups.  Right now we are looking at an older AKC show eligible stud who is an easy-going, well mannered boy.  Should this not prove possible, it is likely that we do out Yahya x Nina pairing first, then this pairing.  This will be our first AKC show eligible pairing since fall 2022.

There are potential spots open on this interest list.

Lucifer Birdie.jpg

Late 2026

Birdie is down from lines that have proven to have some instances of chronic chronic spinal conditions.  As such, we will not be breeding her until she turns five, which is after the onset age of the chronic issues.  We figure that if she is active and competing in sports throughout her five years of life and remains sound and healthy, she has shown to be free of spinal issues.  At this time, there is no definitive test for this issue, but we will be taking radiographs of her spine, this does not clear her of all potential issues, but it gives us a rough idea of her general spinal health.  Should she prove sound and unaffected, she will be breed to Lucifer.  Luci is an F1 boy (Moss' brother) who is very high drive.  This breeding is aimed at producing high drive Azawakh as working or dedicated performance prospects. Both dogs are on the sharp side of the spectrum.  They are very stable dogs, but quite guardy, so that is something to keep in mind. Puppies from this pairing will be elligible for UKC and IABCA shows and performance in all venues including AKC.

Lucifer x Birdie Pedigree

Homes will only be considered if they have a proven working history with their past dogs.

Yahya Nina.jpg

Early 2027

In early 2026, we intend to breed our co-own Nina with Mali import Yahya.  Both dogs are driven and loyal. This pairing will likely produce rather guardy, though charming puppies. I will be prioritizing people with primitive guarding experience for this litter.  This is an important litter because Yahya has not yet contributed to the genepool and brings valuable diversity to the Azawakh genepool. Puppies will be elligible for UKC and IABCA conformation and all performance venues except AKC.

Yahya x Nina pedigree

There are potential spots open on this interest list.

TBA x Birdie

Late 2027

This will be our second AKC eligible conformation pairing since 2022.  While our goal is preservation, which necessarily means producing litters that cannot be shown in AKC because of their rules, we still do enjoy the AKC show ring and do believe that solid examples of the breed should be seen in the AKC ring. 

There are potential spots open on this interest list.

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