Upcoming Litters

Anubi x Amidi

In Stride Azawakh is planning our first litter for late 2021 with a small possibility of pushing it out to Spring 2022.  We will be breeding Anubi (Naram-Sin du Haras de Crouz) to Amidi (Kel Simoon Shani n'Sambala).  We are expecting Azawakh with high drive and higher than average energy from this litter so we are still looking for more prospective performance and show homes.


Tabiri x Amidi

Late 2022 or early 2023 we are looking at breeding Tabiri (Xanadu Farms Tabiri) to Amidi (Kel Simoon Shani N'Sambala) pending the completion of Tabiri's health testing.  This is more line-bred than most of our litters will be and it's likely puppies will look strongly like both parents - moderate to rustic.  Tabiri has a lot of confidence, which will hopefully bolster Ami's insecurity with other dogs.  It is possible the this pairing will produce particolor puppies.  As Tabiri does not have a three-generation pedigree, this litter will not be eligible to show in AKC but eligible for UKC conformation and all other AKC sports.


Anubi x Amalu

In late 2023 or early 2024 we plan to breed Anubi (Naram-Sin du Haras de Crouz) to Amalu (Ahimana Amalu).  This litter will be eligible to do AKC performance sports and UKC conformation, but not AKC conformation.  I expect level headed, calm puppies with an excellent work ethic from this pairing.  Unless something drastically changes, all spots on this interest list are filled by longtime breed fanciers and preservation breeders.

Anu and Ami Litter Announcement 5.jpg