Upcoming Litters

All plans are subject to change seeing as timing and logistics make concrete plans impossible.  However, this information is as accurate and up to date as I have available.

C Litter

Planned for an summer 2022 litter.  There are a couple of studs in consideration for this litter.  My first choice is an outside stud with an unrelated pedigree to my dogs.  My second choice should timing (we will be doing some traveling around the time Gem is expected to be in heat) or logistics not work out is Anubi.  However, what I can tell you is that this litter will be able to show in AKC conformation and likely be a similar pairing in structure and style to our B Litter.

Seeing as the other pairing for 2022 did not take, there are no spots open on this list.

To Be Announced x Gem

Summer 2022

Tabiri Ami Litter Ad 2.jpg
D Litter
Tabiri x Amidi


This is more line-bred than most of our litters will be and it's likely puppies will look strongly like both parents - moderate to rustic.  Tabiri is positive for autoimmune thyroiditis but this is completely controlled with medication.  Amidi is clear of thyroid issues. It is possible the this pairing will produce particolor puppies.  As Tabiri does not have a three-generation pedigree, this litter will not be eligible to show in AKC but is eligible for UKC conformation and all other AKC sports.  Should my C litter (Anubi x Amidi repeat) not go smoothly, there is a possbility this litter will instead by Tabiri x Gem.

There are still spots on this interest list.

Summer 2023

E Litter

If I have enough interested, I will breed Gem a second time in 2023.  Right now I am considering almost exclusively dogs with recent desert blood - either F1s or a Country of Origin import.  That may make registration potentially tricky.  In theory this litter would be able to be registered with AKC through the open stud book, but registration would need to be approved through the parent club, so there are more hoops to jump through.

If people are interested in this litter please contact me, which will help solidify my plans

To Be Announced x Gem

Summer 2023

F Litter
Anubi x Amalu

Winter 2023/2024

In late 2023 or early 2024 we plan to breed Anubi (Naram-Sin du Haras de Crouz) to Amalu (Ahimana Amalu).  This litter will be eligible to do AKC performance sports and UKC conformation, but not AKC conformation.  I expect level headed, calm puppies with an excellent work ethic from this pairing.  

Anubi x Amalu Pedigree

Unless something drastically changes, all spots on this interest list are filled by breed fanciers and preservation breeders