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Current and Past Litters

Gem was bred to Anubi at the end of July 2022.  She had an easy, straight forward pregnancy, a welcome change from our B Litter.  Gem whelped six puppies huge puppies in two hours.  At birth there was one huge 16.6oz girl and five good sized boys. The puppies were bright and confident.  All have gone on to show and performance homes.

October 1st, 2022

Anubi x Amidi

Amidi was bred in September of 2021.  She originally conceived five puppies.  By her due date, all but one of the puppies had been resorbed.  Upon further examination, it was deemed likely that Ami can contracted a virus that she hadn't been symptomatic for but affected the puppies.

The one puppy born was Birdie (In Stride's Bye Bye Birdie), who stayed at In Stride.  For more details, check the blog posts below.

November 21, 2021

Litter in Birth Order:

Birdie - In Stride's Bye Bye Birdie

Upcoming Litters: About
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