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AKC Number: HP66131406

UKC Number: D153557

AKC pointed, UKC competition pointed

Predicted Adult Height: 28"

Predicted Adult Weight: 47lbs

Birthdate: October 1st, 2022

Color: Clear red sable, white markings

Sports: Conformation, lure coursing, sports prospect

Potential Health Concerns:

  • Glomerulonephritis in lines

  • Elbow dysplasia in lines

  • Mother is equivocal for Thyroid results

Allergies: None

Orpheus was one of the smallest in his litter.  He made it his life's mission to catch up to the biggest in the litter and boy if he didn't succeed.

Orpheus was my pick male puppy from my C Litter.  He got everything I was hoping from his parents plus quite a bit of substance, which was a delightful surprise.

He has gone to the Midwest on co-own as a breeding, conformation, and sports prospect.

Orpheus is a bright happy, sassy yet simultaneously empathetic puppy who gets his brains from his father.  Assuming Orpheus matures as expected, he will be breed no earlier than two years old pending titling and health testing.

In Stride Sambala Come Home With Me TKN

Co-owned with Lenny Cygnus

Amidi: Team
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