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AKC Number: HP63854601

UKC Number: D113-033


LGRA pointed, NOTRA and ASFA/AKC LC certified

2022 #2 LGRA, #5 UKC, #9 NOHS, #16 Breed & All Breed

Height: 28"

Weight: 42lbs

Birthdate: November 21, 2021

Color: Clear red sable, white markings

Sports: Flyball, disc, racing, lure coursing, conformation

Potential Health Concerns:

  • Kidney issues in lines

  • Elbow dysplasia in lines

Allergies: None

Birdie was the first Azawakh born at In Stride.  She was a singelton, the only viable puppy in her litter.  Birdie is still growing but thus far she is a lively, active, engaging puppy.

She is staying here with us and we are so looking forward seeing how she grows up. So far she shows promise to fulfil every reason that we paired her puppies and is a wonderful performance prospect.  She has all her parents' drive plus some but has a beautiful, natural off switch too.

Birdie is Eyes and Cardiac Noraml and will be tested for OFA Thyroid, Hips, Elbows, and Embark before being bred.  I do not breed dogs before three years of age since epilepsy is common in the breed and I want to know if it is present before breeding a dog.

UCH AmCH In Stride's Bye Bye Birdie CGCA CGCU


Photo Pedigree

Birdie Photo Pedigree.jpg
Amidi: Team
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