Ahimana Amalu ATD

UKC Number: P928-361

2020 #2 UKC Azawakh

2020 #2 LGRA Azawakh

2020 #4 NACA Azawakh

2020 #5 ASFA Azawakh

Height: 26"

Weight: 42lbs

Birthdate: September 6, 2019

Color: Black Brindle with White Markings

Sports: Agility, Conformation (UKC), Disc, Dock Diving, Flyball, Lure Coursing (ASFA),  Open Field Coursing (NACA and NOFCA), Rally Obedience, Scentwork, Straight Racing (LGRA)

Favorite Sport: Open Field Coursing

Least Favorite Sport: Conformation

Potential Health Concerns: Mild skin irritation on feet in fall

Allergies: Potentially mild grass allergy in fall


Amalu joined the family less than a year after Amidi.  Kayley had idly been looking for another girl  to add to her foundation dogs and she saw an Niger import that she had been following since he was a puppy had sired a litter.  Intrigued, she immediately reached out to the breeder, Carol Galebe.  Through a series of fortunate events, Amalu joined In Stride Azawakh from Brazil.

She is a lovely, bouncy, sweet-tempered girl.  Even more excitingly, she brings the promise of new desert blood to the United States gene pool.  Since she does not have a three generation pedigree and is foreign born, Amalu cannot be registered with the AKC.  She is registered with FCI and UKC (as well as ASFA and various performance venues).  Assuming the azawakh studbook remains open, Amalu's domestic born puppies will be able to be registered with AKC and be capable of competing in AKC performance and companion events, but not conformation.

Amalu will have her Eyes, Cardiac, Thyroid, and Hips tested before being bred.

Photo Pedigree

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