AKC Number: HP54651601

UKC Number: P850-570

Meet Anubi

AKC Article on Anubi

Anubi in the News

2020 #1 ASFA & LGRA & NACA & UKC Azawakh

2020 #2 AKC LC Azawakh

2019 #2 NOHS Azawakh

2018 #1 Azawakh in Fast CATs

First Azawakh to earn a CA, CAA, DCAT, SCN, SIN, SBN, THDN, TKP, ACT1, VHM

Height: 29"

Weight: 45lbs

Birthdate: June 30, 2017

Color: Red Sable with White Markings

Sports: Agility, Barn Hunt, Competition Obedience, Conformation (UKC and AKC), Coursing Ability Test, Fast CAT, Flyball, Joring, Lure Coursing (AKC and ASFA),  Open Field Coursing (NACA and NOFCA), Rally Obedience, Scentwork, Straight Racing (LGRA), Therapy Dog

Favorite Sport: Straight Racing

Least Favorite Sport: Conformation

Potential Health Concerns:

  • Glomerulonephritis (kidney's not filtering correctly) likely caused the death of two of his syblings

  • Elbow dysplasia present in his lines

  • Thin ear leather prone to cracking

Allergies: None

Kayley brought Anubi home from Azawakh du Haras de Crouz in France at four months.  She wanted a steady, adventuresome pup and that's what she got.  The original goal was to gain a dog that she could take to work with her and maybe do some conformation and coursing, but she gained so much more.  In his first puppy class Anubi showed a love of work, which they have only cultivated as he got older.

Kayley and Anubi have trained and/or debuted in conformation, rally, coursing (LC, CATs, and Fast CATs), agility, barnwork, scentwork, flyball, trick work, and flyball together.  Anubi is also the only titled therapy Azawakh, was #1 Azawakh in Fast CAT in 2018, the first Azawakh to title in scentwork, and is #1 Azawakh male in the National Owner Handled Series in 2019.

Anubi will have complete bloodwork and urinalysis to ensure proper kidney function before being bred (see issues above) as well as OFA Elbows.  Anubi is OFA Eye, Cardiac, and Thyroid normal, Hips Good

UKC BIS Brace CH Naram-Sin du Haras de Crouz RA



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