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Kayley started at Riverdog Canine Coaching in 2016.  She started in daycare and then worked her way up to senior trainer by the time she left.  While at Riverdog she had the chance to experience training with over 200 different breeds.  The busy training center had roughly 200 dogs per day including daycare and Kayley got to experience a wide array of behavioral challenges and dog personality types.  While there, she specialized in reactive and insecure dogs and taught a dozen different classes including Reactive Rover, Control Unleashed (modeled after Leslie McDevitt's book of the same name), Canine Good Citizen Prep, Scentwork, and all manner of puppy and adult dog foundation classes.  Kayley is also a Canine Good Citizen evaluator.  Kayley has worked with a wide variety of Service Dogs in Training and Service Dogs and has taught tasks for psychiatric work, medical alert (including diabetes and gluten), mobility, and more.  She subscribes to a Least Invasive, Minimally Aversive balanced training philosophy.

In Stride Azawakh added training to their repertoire in 2020 during the COVID- 19 pandemic.  She started with online private lessons.  Lessons consist of a demonstration video, written curriculum, and a video analysis of the client dogs performing the behaviors.

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