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I am proud to offer a wide variety of offerings both for those unable to meet with me in person and for those who want the hands on component of in person private lessons.  I have experience working with just about every behavioral problem that you find in dogs including: leash reactivity, barrier frustration, resource guarding, and more.  In cases of true aggression, I will likely refer you to another trainer, in which case your consultation will be free.

If you are interested in dog sports, I have titled and trained my dogs in a wide variety of venues including: rally obedience, competition obedience, scentwork, barn hunt, trick dog, canine good citizen tests, conformation, agility, flyball, tracking, dock diving, and disc.  I primarily do lessons in rally, scentwork, trick dog, and cgc prep and may refer you to another sports dog trainer if you are interested in other sports.


Masks only required if you are unvaccinated

Consultation (virtual only offered) - $75

Typically an hour in length, we talk over your dog(s) and I get a feel for their needs and form a training plan.  I will take consultations on any subject whether it be training or behavioral related.  In the circumstance that I feel I need to refer you to another trainer, usually in cases of true aggression, you consultation price will be waived.  I strongly believe in finding the correct fit for the dog in front of me and I won't charge if I feel I need to send you to a better equipped trainer.

Virtual Lesson - $75 

This is my most common type of offering.  You will need to be able to set up work computer or phone so I can see you working the dog, but I have seen huge successes even with dogs who I've only worked with virtually.

Private Lesson - $90 Snoqualmie, or North Bend | $100 for travel outside of that service area

This is my most common type of offering.  Lessons can be on any topic from dog sports to basic training to behavior issues.  Unless I already know your dog, I request that you do a consultation first so I can develop a training plan for your dog in advance.  These lessons are completely flexible and we can do as many or as few together as you'd like.  At this time I am offering lessons in Issaquah or North Bend and clients can meet me there.  If I need to travel outside of that area to meet with a client, lessons cost slightly more.

Day Train - $100

I pick up your dog or we arrange a drop off (greater Seattle area only). I then work with your dog on pre-decided behaviors. The dog will get 3-5 individualized sessions while they are with me during a total of 5 hours, and then I will drop your dog back off or meet up with you. You'll receive an online log with your dog's progress for each session. If your dog is friendly with other dogs they will have the opportunity to play with my dogs and other training dogs a few times throughout the day.

Canine Good Citizen Test or UKC SPOT Test - $25   |    Trick Dog Evaluation - $20

This test does not require you to do a consultation first.  I am a CGC Evaluator and can evaluate any of the Canine Good Citizen, Canine Good Citizen Community Canine, and Canine Good Citizen Urban tests for you.  I can also evaluate any trick dog level from Novice to Elite Performer.  I will work with you to find an appropriate location for each of these tests.

Online Offerings

Foundations Series - $150

This series is designed for puppies or new dogs.  It is material so that you can start canine-human communication off on the right foot.  In the series you will focus on teaching your dog how to learn and communicate so there is overall less conflict in your relationship.  General skills the course covers: focus and engagement games, sit, down, leave it, come, loose leash walking, place, crate training, socializing, and more. There are five lessons and each is between 45-70 minutes and comes with my ongoing support as you work through the material.


Rally Foundations - $50

This virtual class is designed to teach the basics of AKC Rally Novice (it is also applicable for the intro level of my Rally organizations) and comes with my ongoing support as you work through the material.

AKC Trick Dog Evaluation - $10

This offering will continue as long as AKC allows electronic video submissions.  Information on the Trick Dog program is available here on the AKC website.  You can submit videos anywhere from Novice to Elite Performer.

AKC Virtual Home Manners Evaluations - $15

This is an evaluation of your dog's manners at home.  This is done via video submission.  There are two different levels: Puppy and Adult.

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