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The below documents are blank versions of my contracts with new puppy owners.  All contracts are current in language, but will periodically be updated to reflect changes in pricing and philosophy.  Most puppies will be sold on Full Registration contracts with no breeding rights, because I would like to encourage more people to show Azawakh.

Deposit Contract

Utilized for all new buyers.  Deposits are due when puppies are approximately  5 weeks old as personalities develop and I decide whether I have an appropriate puppy for a buyer.

Limited Registration

Unlike many other breeders, I sell very few puppies on limited registration contracts.  Only dogs with sizeable faults will be placed on limited registration contracts.

Full Registration - No Breeding Rights

This is my most common form of contract.  I aim to encourage people to show and am always happy to mentor, but  not everyone who wants to show their dog wants to breed them or even has a breeding quality dog. 

Full Registration - Breeding Rights

One of my missions is to promote more preservation Azawakh breeders - that means people who are committed to preserving Azawakh with all the traits that they possess in the Sahel.  As such there are cases I will grant breeding rights to specific owners.

Co-Ownership Contract

While I try to avoid co-ownership situations, because in my experience they can get sticky, they can be managed with trust, communication, and a solid contract.  I utilize this type of contract when I have a very promising dog that I personally would like to whelp litters from but the owner is an experienced dog person desiring a show dog.

Guardian Home Contract

I only have so much space in my own home and want as many people who are good fits to experience the breed as possible.  As such, for local people interested when I have a particularly promising dog that I would like to keep in my program I will utilize Guardian homes where the dog lives with someone else and I whelp the litters.

Stud Dog Contract

Whenever I stud my male Azawakh out I do utilize a contract as detailed below. Stud fee is $2000 upon delivery of a viable puppy.

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