Tabiri Asouf

AKC Number: HP56016606

Height: 29"

Weight: 57lbs

Birthdate: October 11 2017

Color: Red  with White Markings

Sports: Started in lure coursing and racing but still needs practice

Potential Health Concerns:

  • Tabiri has had one confirmed seizure and will be monitored for future ones.  He takes CBD as a preventative measure.

Allergies: None

Tabiri had a bit of a rough start in life due to no one's fault.  Sometimes life just happens despite best intentions.  He came to In Stride shortly after he turned 3 years old.  His first home was just not the correct fit for Tabiri, though his owner loved him dearly.

Around 2 years old, Tabiri got into a catastrophic accident.  No one saw what happened but he skinned much of his back and needed skin grafts to save his life.  He recovered at his breeder's, Alison Tyler at Xanadu Farms, and then stayed permanently with her afterward.

Now that he is here, he's fitting right in and adjusting to our bustling lifestyle quite well.  Given time to bond and gain confidence, Tabiri has placed in Singles at Lure Coursing, certified in NOTRA, and is pointed in LGRA.

Tabiri will have his eyes, cardiac, thyroid tests before being bred.  I will be skipping hips OFAs with him.  Hips are not a known problem in the breed and since I won't be playing many high impact sports with him, I am not concerned with checking them in this instance. Additionally, he will be monitored for any future seizures.  Seizures are, unfortunately, present in every Azawakh bloodline, and while I won't breed a dog that seizures regularly, I will consider breeding a dog with infrequent seizures - always to a dog with not seizures in their immediate family and always with the goal of decreasing instances in the future generations.​

Xanadu Farms Tabiri JSR

Photo Pedigree

Tabiri Asouf Photo Pedigree.jpg