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AKC Number: HP66131401

UKC Number: D153552

AKC major pointed, singled out; AKC Lure Coursing major pointed, LGRA pointed, UpDog pointed

2024 #1 UKC, #3 LGRA (through 7/9/24)
2023 #3 LGRA, #14 AKC Breed, #16 AKC All Breed

Predicted Adult Height: 26"

Predicted Adult Weight: 38lbs

Birthdate: October 1st, 2022

Color: Clear red sable, black mask, white markings

Sports: Conformation, lure coursing, racing prospect

Potential Health Concerns:

  • Glomerulonephritis in lines

  • Elbow dysplasia in lines

  • Mother is equivocal for Thyroid results

Allergies: None

Nina was the only girl in Gem's first litter.  She was a big puppy at birth weighing over a pound.  She is a perfect balance of sweet yet sassy.  She can be pretty bold at times but holds her own counsel.

Nina lives with Simone and has a Portuguese Water Dog for a playmate.  She is Simone's first show and performance prospect.

Provided she turns out nicely structurally and temperamentally, Nina will be bred after three years of age pending titling and health testing.

URBIS UCH In Stride Sambala Cell Block Tango JC POA SSR AVS

Co-owned with Simone Karr

Amidi: Team
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