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FCI Number: Pending

UKC Number Pending

Owned by Alison Tyler (Xanadu Farms)

Co-owned by In Stride Azawakh

Adult Height: 24"

Adult Weight: 40lbs

Birthdate: October 2018

Color: Gold (recessive red)

Sports: Starting foundations in racing

Potential Health Concerns:

  • None currently

Allergies: Spider bites

Yahya was imported from Mali by Alison Tyler. He is a lovely, curious fellow, skeptical of strangers like all good Azawakh but warms up quickly when not pressured. When he is comfortable he can be sassy and charismatic.

We feel fortunate that Yahya is able to spend some time with us at In Stride so that his unique genetics and lovely structure can be utilized in the gene pool moving forward.

It is fortunate that Azawakh still have the possibility of utilizing new imported dogs for their gene pool and we feel blessed that we have been given the opportunity to spend time with Yahya.

His thyroid will be tested before being bred.

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Photo Pedigree

Anubi: Team
Amastan Photo Pedigree.jpg
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