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AKC Number: HP63655705

UKC Number Pending

Owned by Alison Tyler (Xanadu Farms), James Hicks (El Jack)

Co-owned by In Stride Azawakh

AKC Major pointed, LGRA & NOTRA certified

Adult Height: 27"

Adult Weight: 45lbs

Birthdate: August 11, 2021

Color: Red, minimal white markings

Sports: Conformation, racing and lure coursing

Potential Health Concerns:

  • Masticatory muscle myositis in lines

  • Hypothyroidism in lines

  • Distant spinal issues behind lines

Allergies: No known

Imboran is the nephew to Tabiri.  He's out of Nezem Azamour x Xanadu Farms Tufaylah.  He was born at Xanadu Farms and co-owned by his breeder Alison Tyler and James Hicks (El Jack).  

Imboran is a sweet, silly soul who goes with the flow.  He loves his pack whether it be human or dog and he absolutely (unlike many Azawakh), loves the conformation ring.

He came to In Stride at 18 months for finish his AKC CH and to experience the world of performance.

Xanadu Farms Imboran TKN VHMA FITB

Photo Pedigree

Anubi: Team
Amastan Photo Pedigree.jpg
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