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Co-Owns & Leased

UCH AmCh Kel Simoon Raumia N'Sambala CGC TKI VHMA FITS RATI JSR

2022 #3 ASFA Singles, #6 LGRA Azawakh, #9 NOHS, #12 Breed, All Breed

LGRA pointed, NOTRA certified, ASFA Singles pointed, Fast CAT pointed


Import Mali

Co-owned with Alison Tyler (Xanadu Farms)

CA Xanadu Farms Amastan


Co-owned with Megan Churry

LGRA pointed

Team: Team
04_Lewiston_14_48_07748 (1).jpg

In Stride Sambala Cell Block Tango

Co-owned with Simone Karr

AKC Major pointed

In Stride Sambala Come Home with Me

Co-owned with Lenny Cygnus


In Stride's Darkness and Trees

Co-owned in the Midwest

In Stride Dream Impossible Dreams

Co-owned with Theresa Daykin

383428733_10227907454264907_3308506974598695185_n (1).jpg

In Stride's Dance of Ducklings

Co-owned with Dahlia Galindo

In Stride's Easy to Love

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