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AKC Number: HP68516802

UKC Number: D179-184

Predicted Adult Height: 26"

Predicted Adult Weight: 40lbs

Birthdate: July 12, 2023

Color: Clear red sable

Sports: Lure coursing, racing, and conformation started.

Potential Health Concerns:

  • Hypothyroid father

  • Spinal issues (Wobblers-like) in maternal line

Allergies: None

I bought Drama back after she was placed in a home that was a very bad fit for her. Since she has been back she has been bright, joyful, cuddly, driven, and inquisitive.  This is exactly how she was as a baby before leaving.

For now, Drama is staying with me.  However, once she has been fully assessed, she will be placed in a local to me home.

RBPIS HnrJR In Stride's Defying Gravity

Amidi: Team
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