*Hopeful* B Litter Diary

Updated: Oct 9

I might be setting myself up for disappointment. The litter might not take or something might go wrong with the pregnancy or whelping. But I'm excited and wanted to share my excitement. I also want to document the whole process for myself later (I am a big believer in assessing and reassessing my processes) and feel like some people might be interested.


has been on prenatal supplements for the last two months including: Revival's Oxy Mate, Folic Acid, Probiotics, and Grizzly Salmon Oil. Anubi has been on Revival's Oxy Stud the last month. Both Anubi and Amidi are in performance condition (despite me trying to add just a touch of extra weight to Ami) and have been racing/coursing 2-4 weekends a month this year plus weekly agility practice and hikes plus occasional flyball practice. Anubi is 46lbs and Amidi is 39lbs.

Day 1 of Heat (9/6/21)

After running LGRA and NOTRA Saturday and Sunday we got to the coursing field on Labor Day to find that Amidi wasn't wiping clean and she'd finally gone into season (about 3 weeks later than usual). I called my repro vet's office to schedule progesterone, but they were closed so I left a message. Ami was extremely said she didn't get to course that day. When we got home, I did a vaginal cytology to confirm that she wasn't sneakily further along than I expected and sure enough:

Vaginal Cytology-

Cell type: parabasal

Cornification: 0%

Day 2 of Heat (9/7/21)

Spent an easy day at home after running all weekend. She slept a lot, she's still out with the boys who don't at all care that she's in heat yet. She went from spot bleeding yesterday morning to bleeding heavily today so panties it is. I called my repro vet again and made a first progesterone appointment for the following Wednesday (Day 10). In the past Ami usually hits estrus around Day 12-14.

Vaginal Cytology

Cell type: parabasl

Cornification: 0%

Day 3 of Heat (9/8/21)

Another laidback day. Ami stayed home while I worked. The boys are still out with her and showing very little interest.

Vaginal Cytology

Cell type: parabasal and intermediate

Cornification: 0%

Day 4 of Heat (9/9/21)

What a boring week. Ami is bored, all the dogs are bored, the boys are showing a bit more interest but largely don't care about Ami overly much.

Vaginal Cytology

Cell type: intermediate, some parabasal

Cornification: 0%

Day 5 of Heat (9/10/21)

Went down to our favorite friend's farm and found the elk had decided to bed down in the field so we went for a walk along the river instead. The dogs were so happy to get out. The boys were very good while out and doing things, but they are showing more interest in Ami. As usual, Ami hasn't slowed down at all during this part of her heat cycle. She usually has the same energy level until a few weeks out of season.

Vaginal Cytology

Cell type: intermediate, some parabasl, some superficial

Cornification: under 10%

Day 6 of Heat (9/11/21)

Busy day today! We went for a hike on deserted trails (I try to avoid people (and thus dogs) as much as possible when one of the girls is in heat). We went about 3 miles, being limited by the puppy (who wanted to go much further). Then I took Anubi and Amidi back out and we did some scootering with my new scooter. The boys continue to be more interested in Ami but not enough to bother her and in work mode Anubi didn't treat Amidi any differently than normal.

Vaginal Cytology

Cell Type: intermediate, few parabasals, some superficial