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Upcoming Litters

All plans are subject to change seeing as timing and logistics make concrete plans impossible.  However, this information is as accurate and up to date as I have available.

In Stride Litters
Aksil Sakila.jpg
Aksil x Sakila

Late 2023

When I first visited Alison (Xanadu Farms) for in 2021 to pick up Tabiri, I got a chance to meet her dogs. I instantly fell in love with Sakila, one of her imports from Niger. I adore all the African imports, but my eye was always pulled back to her economical movement and alert bearing. I even asked to be put on Alison's list for a Sakila puppy.  Sakila turns five at the end of the year and Alison didn't have any immediate plans to breed her on the books, so I asked if she would let me lease her later this year and she graciously agreed.


I am extremely excited for this pairing, and a lot is coming together in a short amount of time. Sakila will likely be arriving here at the end of August (concrete details still in the works). She will come into season likely sometime in fall and will be bred that cycle.


Aksil is a dog out of Kel Imajaghan Azawakh in Pennsylvania, living with his owner Ginny in northern California. I have admired him for quite some time and I am very excited that we have been granted permission to use him for this litter.

Puppies will be registered with FCI and then can be registered with UKC using that registration. They will be eligible for UKC, ASFA, LGRA, and NOTRA (and AKC PALs though priority will be homes that keep the dogs intact and available for preservation breeders).


Aksil x Sakila Pedigree

There are potential spots open on this interest list.

Imboran Birdie.jpg
Imboran x Birdie

Early 2025

In 2025 we tentatively plan to breed Birdie (In Stride's Bye Bye Birdie) with Imboran (Xanadu Farms Imboran).  This is a relatively flashy pairing that will be eligible to AKC conformation.  I am looking to improve Birdie's underline and decrease on her size (while Birdie is not over standard, she is on the upper end).  I do expect modest drive from this pairing.

Imboran x Amalu Pedigree

There are potential spots open on this interest list.

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Affiliate Litters
Tabiri x Czerny

Early 2024

In 2024 a good friend intends to breed his girl, Czerny (Kel Simoon Toccata N'Sambala), to Tabiri (Xanadu Farms Tabiri).  Czerny is a petite but spicey soul who is a wonderful companion.  We have met her multiple times and always enjoyed her company.  Czerny is niece to our Gem and shares some of her slender build.  By pairing with Tabiri we hope the puppies will have a nice moderate substance. Puppies will be eligible for AKC performance events as well as UKC performance and conformation.

Tabiri x Czerny Pedigree

Contact Lenny Cynus ( for more information about this breeding.

Anu Alu Litter Ad UTD.jpg
Anubi x Amalu

October 2023

We bred Anubi (Naram-Sin du Haras de Crouz) to Amalu (Ahimana Amalu) in the beginning of 2023.  The breeding took, but unfortunately Amalu had vaginitis, which caused her to lose the litter.  We tried repeating the litter that fall and it took and we are expecting puppies mid-October


This litter will be eligible to do AKC performance sports and UKC conformation, but not AKC conformation.  I expect level headed, calm puppies with an excellent work ethic from this pairing.  

Anubi x Amalu Pedigree

There are limited slots on this list available to breed fanciers and preservation breeders

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