Virtual Online Titling Options

With COVID here, online titling has become a booming success. I'm here to talk you through some of the new virtual AKC programs as well as the cool, long time programs that have existed long before AKC joined the cool kids. There's a lot to cover so I'm sticking to listing titles available and a few quick facts about the program. Every program is linked with rules and regulations.

I knew there were a lot of options, but I had no idea how many options. There are smaller titling organizations, but for the most part I stuck with the larger titling bodies.

Remember, titles are only worth the enjoyment you and your dog get out of them. If you're not interested in titling it's not a problem, but they are wonderful memories and mementos of your time spent with your dogs and there are some really neat options, even if you aren't a big dog sport person.


North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC) Video Tape Program:

Exhibitor's Handbook:


Regular: Intro IAC, O-IAC, S-IAC), Novice (NAC, O-NAC, S-NAC), Open (OAC, O-OAC, S-OAC), Elite (EAC, O-EAC, S-EAC)

Jumpers: Intro (IJC, O-IJC, S-IJC), Novice (NJC, O-NJC, S-NJC), Open (OJC, O-OJC, S-OJC), Elite (EJC, O-EJC, S-EJC)

Chances: Intro (ICC, O-ICC, S-ICC), Novice (NCC, O-NCC, S-NCC), Open (OCC, O-OCC, S-OCC), Elite (ECC, O-ECC, S-ECC)

Tunnelers: Intro (TN-I, O-TN-I, S-TN-I), Novice (TN-N, O-TN-N, S-TN-N), Open (TN-O, O-TN-O, S-TN-O), Elite (TN-E, O-TN-E, S-TN-E)

Weavers: Intro (WV-I, O-WV-I, S-WV-I), Novice (WV-N, O-WV-N, S-WV-N), Open (WV-O, O-WV-O, S-WV-O), Elite (WV-E, O-WV-E, S-WV-E)

Touch n Go: Intro (TG-I, O-TG-I, S-TG-I), Novice (TG-N, O-TG-N, S-TG-N), Open (TG-O, O-TG-O, S-TG-O), Elite (TG-E, O-TG-E, S-TG-E)

Hoopers: Intro (HP-I, O-HP-I, S-HP-I), Novice (HP-N, O-HP-N, S-HP-N), Open (HP-O, O-HP-O, S-HP-O), Elite (HP-E, O-HP-E, S-HP-E), Intro x (XHP-I, O-XHP-I, S-XHP-I), Novice X (XHP-N, O-XHP-N, S-XHP-N), Open X (XHP-O, O-HXP-O, S-XHP-O), Elite X (XHP-E, O-XHP-E, S-XHP-E)

Barrelers: Intro x (XBR-I, O-XBR-I, S-XBR-I), Novice X (XBR-N, O-XBR-N, S-XBR-N), Open X (XBR-O, O-HBR-O, S-XBR-O), Elite (XBR-E, O-XBR-E, S-XBR-E)

Champion: NATCH

NADAC has actually been an awesome experience for me. Anyone who is new to the agility world or just wants a slightly less cut-throat environment, I highly recommend them. Registration is cheap. Entries are cheap. They've offered virtual options forever and have further opened up their virtual options with COVID. There's a billion different titles you can earn. They have some really fun options as far as courses. They post online courses that you can use monthly.

NADAC is very big on safety first (which is not to say other venues aren't). They don't use teeters on their courses and jump heights are usually lower for most dogs and no collars allowed.

Not everyone (most people actually) has their own agility equipment, but sometimes you can rent a facility that already has a course set up.

AKC Agility Course Test Virtual:

Titles: Agility Course Test 1 (ACT1), Agility Course Test 2 (ACT 2)

AKC's Agility Course Tests are intro level agility courses. As usual, people grumbled about them being too easy when AKC first added them, but they are a fantastic way to make agility accessible to the average person. The virtual options are almost identical to the in person options, just pay attention to the filming requirements, because they are rather extensive in order for the judges to see everything they need to see.

Good Manners

AKC Virtual Home Manners:

Titles: Virtual Home Manners Puppy (VHMP), Virtual Home Manners (VHM)

This is AKC's answer to requests for a virtual version of their Canine Good Citizen program. It's a fun, engaging time with your dog and covers a lot of basic house manners that you can be practicing during COVID. They offer both an adult and a puppy version.

Rally Obedience

Cyber Rally-O:

Titles (two tracks "Traditional" and "Performance" (closer to freestlye)):

Beginning levels: Level 1 (CRO1), Level 2 (P-CRO-II or T-CRO-II), Level 3 (P-CRO-III or T-CRO-III), Level IV (P-CRO-IV or T-CRO-IV), Level V (P-CRO-V and P-CRO-CH or T-CRO-V and T-CRO-CH).

Championship levels: Leve I (CRO-CH-LI), Level II (P-CRO-CH-LII or T-CRO-CH-LII), Level III (P-CRO-CH-LIII or T-CRO-CH-LIII), Level IV (P-CRO-CH-LIV or T-CRO-CH-LIV), Level V (P-CRO-CH-LV or T-CRO-CH-LV)

At the beginning levels titles are earned after 3 Qualifying scores. At the championship level titles are earned after 10 Qualifying scores).

Cyber Rally-O is cool because it offers a lot of options other venues do not. Firstly, leashes may be used at all levels. They can be removed or dropped or changed out for exercises like jumps. They also allow you to carry food in your pocket. You may reward with food or physical petting after any stationary exercise. Finally, you can work your dog on the left or the right, for those people who have trained a right side heel. The performance track has your dog heel on both the left and the right.